Day 6. Puente la Reina to Estella

5 Jul 2017
Day 6 - "there and back again, a hobblers tale"
after leaving the "luxury" of our accommodation (sheets, showergel and towels lol) we headed for Estella 24k.  Someone had the idea to try and walk round the mountain rather than over (Anto). So walking wounded we walked 50 mins in wrong direction and came to a derilect tunnel  and impassable road ( Anto changed the name of tunnel to "The tunnel of love") You could have cut the tension with a knife!  After some blaming (all slegging) we laughed and went back the way we had just come. Joined the Camino trail and climbed, yes another mountain.  

Outside Puente de la Reina we stopped in forest and left our own personal message (see pics).  Like most days the trail got harder and sun got hotter.  Again heavy lifting and pulling with ropes were required. Emotions were high as physical and mental excretion of the previous days began to take their toll.  We even had some tears on the mountain.

Another 11 hours (28k) for us as this Camino trail is not suitable for a wheelchair.  A nice pace should take around 4 to 5 hours if you are going easy.  We are double that.  It has been to date the biggest challenge for us all.  We arrived at Estella last night at 8.59pm place was in darkness and thought it was closed.  That would have been the straw that broke the camels back!! But for the kindness of strangers.  The lady had stayed late to check us in and ordered us food, guess what .... we got a big Chinese (Frankie Wilson, I know u will be pleased).  While eating we started to play "not even slegging, what would u have done if it had have been closed?" Hilarious answers lol

Thursday is a Rest Day and a great opportunity to recharge our batteries and carry out some much needed maintenance to our battered wheelchair.  We will be back with blog on Day 8 for our final leg.

MND Fact - MND was discovered about 150 years ago and there is to this day no cure or effective treatments.

Quote is the day -  "we are mad!, we love walking". Anto



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