Day 5. Pamplona to Puente la Reina

4 Jul 2017
Day 5 " The road is long"

started off 8.30am for Puente.  The route had another mountain.  So of course we had to climb it in 34 degree heat. When we reached the top hours later after climbing steep paths we were delighted, got a pic at Navarre Statues, a must see on the Camino.  

We got ready for the descent which was very steep bringing us onto a long, long, long road (we think it is the longest road in the world!).  We had filled our water bags at bottom of mountain and by the time we reached top we had none left.  Kipper (our Spanish Speaker) was sent to a farm house to beg for aqua.  The lady of the house obliged and wished us Buen Camino (life saver). There was some discussion about what will become of us if this road never ends and if it does what we are ordering from Chinese when we get home.

We finally arrived after covering 32k at Puenta.  Coming in short of 12 hours Walking, we had a Cheer when we seen our Hotel,  slowly walked into reception to hear they didn't have our room.  After some discussion got sorted with room, a cold shower and hot meal and lots of water.  We got through another very challenging day but that is what we are here for.

MND fact - a recent survey by the MND Association estimated that the financial cost to families living with MND can be as much as £12,000 (a conservative estimate).

Quote of the day - "will this road ever end, I think we might die here". Alison



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