Day 4. Zubiri to Pamplona

3 Jul 2017
Day 3 - "The road less travelled"

We were prepared for another tough day BUT with excellent map planning we bypassed many steep steps by taking part of the cyclists route.  By combining the walking and cycling routes we were able to stay safe. It worked out as more k but not much.  24k taking 6 hours. 

We started 10am after a lovely brekkie.  The sun had finally raised its head.  We took the walking path along the Agra River with the most beautiful scenery.  We had a picnic and even had time for a quick swim to cool off in the river.  Plenty of breathing in for pics while in swim gear.  

Final walk into Pamplona was hot in afternoon sun.  Blisters, sore shoulders, feet in ribbons, tired for everyone except Beansey (raging) (postman).  

Had tapas and few drinks on the city walls.  Lovely atmosphere, good food.  We were so hungry.  Looking over map for tomorrow looking like 25k with steep inclines.  We are in agreement that 5k would be a push at this stage but walking for a cruel disease that is relentless, so relentless we will be. Bring it on.

MND fact -  there are as many as 47,000 young carers across the UK and Ireland providing care to a family member with increasing caring needs.  We walked today especially for all these amazing young people.

Quote of the Day - " if Carlsberg did Monday's....". Beansey



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