Day 3. Roncesvalles to Zuburi

2 Jul 2017
Day 3 "The Descent" 

We stayed at a beautiful monestary, sharing a dorm with 72 other wet and tired pilgrims.  We were abruptly awakened at 6am with all lights on and Ava Maria playing through a speaker (swear). 

We started our walk at 10am, the sun did show its face late afternnoon. Another really long tough day. Some hills but mostly steep downhill with huge botulders that required a lot of lifting to pass.  20k took us 10 hours, a very long tiring day. Cyclists passing with bikes on shoulders.

The mood is however light with plenty of laughs. Along the way we had few sing songs, serious slegging and the general consensus among the four of us is that Stevie Thompson and O'Neills saved our lives (serious), without their gear provided in support of Determnd we would not still be walking.  Kipper even suggested he should get an OBE. #legend.

On to tomorrow to face whatever challenges it may bring.

Mnd fact - Mnd describes a group of related diseases affecting the nerves in the brain and tell your muscles what to do. These nerves are known as motor nerves or motor neurones, 2 in 100,000 people are affected.

Quote of the day "can u believe we weren't going to bring our rain jackets" all of us 



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